An Update On The Demolition Of The Old Village Fair Mall
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  • Celeste Smith

An Update On The Demolition Of The Old Village Fair Mall

Today in Meridian, Lauderdale County Administrator Chris Lafferty and District 1 Lauderdale County Supervisor Jonathan Wells were special guests at the Rotary Club meeting today, and provided an update on the demolition of the old village Fair Mall and the future construction of the new county courthouse.

In their update it was stated that although the new county courthouse will stand where the old Village Fair Mall was, the county will still maintain its current courthouse that is located on constitution avenue, with plans to still utilize it, but with a different purpose. It was also shared that the county has not made a decision regarding the Confederate monument that stands in front of the courthouse, saying that a code prevents the monument from being removed, unless it is being relocated to a better location.

“You’re going to see daily, that the old Village Fair Mall is coming down. We’re excited about that, just not for our courthouse project, but what it means for our city, it’s opening our gateway to downtown. The city doing their paving project, we see the children’s museum is coming up, and we’re just excited about what we’re seeing happening in our downtown and coming into our downtown area”, said Jonathan Wells.

Demolition of the old Village Fair Mall is expected to be complete by mid-July this year.