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Anderson hosts 10th Annual "Handprints of Hope."

Updated: Jun 7

Meridian, MS - Anderson Regional Cancer Center is holding their 10th Annual Handprints of Hope. A special to event honor cancer survivors, and those who are still fighting.

Jinny Ruffin is the oncology social worker and patient navigator at Anderson Cancer Center in Meridian and has found the many years of “Handprints of Hope” to be beneficial to the community.

“Every year we’ve had more people to come and give us their handprint, so it’s been very successful. We have people that come every year and put their handprint, they’ll remember what color they used last year, or who they came with, so it means a lot for them to show that they’re a survivor and they get to add another year.”

So, what exactly is “Handprints of Hope?” “All of our cancer survivors, whether you’ve had treatment hear or not, can come and put their handprint on the canvas, sign it, their years of survivorship, it’s just a way to encourage those currently going through treatment.”

Being a 20-year cancer survivor herself, Jinny feels motivated to help others in the community. “Gives you a little bit more empathy and understanding of what folks are going through, so it definitely makes a difference.”

The center says people can stop by from 8am to 4pm Monday – Thursday to give their handprint and sign the canvas.

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