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Anderson Regional releases statement about gun display on campus.

Updated: May 10

Meridian MS - The President, and CEO of Anderson Regional Health System, John G. Anderson released this statement: “At approximately 10:30am, a female contract employee brandished a handgun in a remote, non-public area of the hospital. The firearm was not discharged, and no one was harmed. The individual exited the building within seconds after displaying the gun. Anderson security officers, Meridian Police Department, and Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office secured the entire campus, in order to prevent re-entry. "

Lauderdale County Chief Ward Calhoun explains how they respond to such incidents. “The reaction is going to be everybody with a badge that’s close by is going to respond.”

Chief Calhoun says he wants to train others to protect themselves, following the recent reports of mass shootings, or shootings in general in the media. “We’re having an active shooter training later this week, which is the “run, hide, fight.” Run away if you see something. If you can’t run away, hide in a secure location. And if you have to, fight for your life."

As for yesterday’s incident, it’s been reported no one was harmed. However, people still want to know what happened to the individual who displayed the gun, and will more security be added to the hospital to prevent future incidents like this.

Although the community has further questions, Anderson Regional is not answering any more questions about yesterday’s incident.

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