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Annieglass Founder visits Meridian.

Meridian, MS - The Generations Fine Paper and Gifts store in Meridian received a visit from Annieglass Founder and Artist; Annie Morhauser, as she and her daughter met with people in the community, as part of their “Mother Daughter Engraving Tour.” “The South are our best customers, in the whole state in whole country, so that’s why we come to visit.”

The Tour and Meet and Greet is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Annieglass. Visitors not only had the chance to meet Morhauser, but also received a first look at the new fall collection of Annieglass products. “So, what we do is called slumping, glass slumping, and we take regular window glass, decorate it with gold or platinum, and fire it in an electric oven. It drapes over ceramic molds to make all these beautiful shapes that you see here.”

The mother and daughter duo are originally from California and enjoy meeting their customers from the south. “It so special to meet the families and generations who had Annieglass, you know the grandma, the mom, the daughter, and really it’s so special how everyone entertains here in the south.”

Store owners Melissa Love and Sara Mason are also overjoyed at the success of Annieglass. “Just knowing that Mississippi is a top seller for a product from California, it just kind of blows our mind.”

Annie Morhauser said the beautiful selection of glass can be engraved for any gift, such as an anniversary, wedding, or just a gift in general.

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