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  • Keaundria Milloy

AT&T extends Hurricane Sally relief efforts to customers

AT&T is extending relief for wireless and prepaid customers for those impacted by Hurricane Sally.

The company is waiving charges to provide unlimited talk, text and data from now until September 20th for those with an effective zip code. Teams will also work with customers on flexible payment arrangements.

“Our main goal is to keep our customers, families, and the public connected and one of the programs we are currently running is relief,” says Vice President and General Manager of AT&T Gulf States Anthony Mokry.  “AT&T is very important for public safety and we have alot of our public safety officers who rely on it. We provide a lot of public safety out there so that network is to all of our first responders.”

Services are available for Mississippi and Alabama. To learn more about the efforts of AT&T, visit here.