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  • Keaundria Milloy

Bland, Smith to face off in runoff election

MERIDIAN, Miss. - Mayoral candidates Percy Bland and Jimmie Smith came out on top during the democratic primary on yesterday. Smith claimed 40% of the vote with Bland right behind him at 35%. Both candidates say they’ll be working even harder the next few weeks for the runoff election.

“I’m getting out here working to start campaigning again--trying to make sure that we reach as many voters as possible and get them to come out and vote for our campaign,” said Smith.

“Alot happened to get here,” explained Bland. “We’re very excited to be here and the people will have a clear choice of choice of the old guard and the new progessive direction that this mayor has been taking.”

Percy Bland has served two terms as mayor of Meridian and Smith has years of experience in both the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors and the Meridian Police Department. Officials are saying the race will be too close to call.

“My team, my administration has done so many things to change the infrastructure to pave more streets and provide more opportunities for recreational activities and everything else for the city,” said Bland.

“We’re going to do everything that’s possible that we can do to make sure we come ahead--make sure that we try to bring our voters back for those who came to the polls yesterday and we’re trying to increase that number,” said Smith.

The runoff election will be April 27th. Whoever claims victory in that race will move on to the general election and face Weston Lindemann and Robert J. Ray in the general election, June 8th.

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