Bonita Lakes Mall To Extend Hours Soon
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  • Celeste Smith

Bonita Lakes Mall To Extend Hours Soon

Updated: Jun 3

In Meridian, after officially reopening a month ago, almost all of the stores and restaurants in the Bonita Lakes Mall have reopened.

The Bonita Lakes Mall was officially reopened on Friday, May 1st, limiting the number of customers in the mall and requiring them to follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines of social distancing. Also limiting the hours to 11am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday.

Mall Director Debby Delshad shared that since the mall’s reopening, there has been more foot traffic now that stores and the food court is almost 100% reopened and that the mall is planning to extend their operational hours in their next phase of reopening.

“There has been an increase in customers coming in, and everyone is required to wear a mask when entering the mall and also to have a mask on for the different stores. There’s very few stores that are not open, and some of them—they will open within the next 2 weeks and on the 8th we will change our hours back to 10-7 pm, so its kind of tough if you work until five to be able to get here and do shopping by six, so it was time to go ahead and increase the hours”, said Debby Delshad, Mall Director.

She also shared that despite Governor Tate Reeves recently issued executive order allowing movie theaters to reopen, the movie theater at the mall will remained closed at this time –hoping to reopen soon.

“We hope to have a time and a date probably by the 15th, maybe sooner as to when it will reopen”, said Delshad.

Not only are shoppers required to wear masks when inside of the mall and stores, but employees are required to wear masks as well