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Buildings in Lauderdale county could soon receive an upgrade.

Meridian MS - The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors held a meeting earlier today to discuss HVAC upgrades.

District One Supervisor Jonathan Wells shares the results of that meeting.

“So, there's a couple sites that we have elected to go in and replace the old, antiquated HVAC systems and will be using ARPA funds that were released, you know, back during the covid to pay for those systems.”

He also talked about the desperate need to replace the DHS and e-911 systems, as well as where the funds for the upgrade will come from.

“Well, it's just it's time to do it. Like I said, they're old and they're antiquated. We see in the future that we're going to have issues with those systems, and we're charged with taking care of that. So why wait to get us in in an emergency situation? Let's go ahead and take care of those systems while we can plan for them, rather than waiting for them to stop working and then have an emergency on our hands. So, as the federal government has released that covid money and charged us with finding things to do with that money, we prioritize it. And we found that those two buildings, we would take that money and fix those systems.”

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