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  • Keaundria Milloy

Car Dealers Safe Sales

Due to the coronavirus, it has been difficult for shoppers to go out to purchase vehicles, meaning, car dealerships must keep their customers safe while they browse at models. A Mississippi dealer explains their process. 

“With the virus right now and the new rules that are set, we are still able to come to work here and operate for being an essential business. We are limited on how many people can be here at one time. Ten is the rule of some. Let’s just say if a customer is coming up here, we try to put the message out to call ahead of time before being able to actually come in.”

While some dealerships are still in operation, they are required to keep a safe and sanitized environment.

“We’re trying to make it as normal as possible and be cautious as possible. We have lysol wipes, we have spray, we have plenty of hand sanitizer. Anything we can do to make the customers feel more comfortable while they're here and have a great experience while they’re here is our goal.”

“If customers do not feel comfortable coming in, we can come to you or we can do everything online. There’s a lot of ways we can do that, like we can e-contract deals. There are many ways to do this, it just depends on how the customers would like to do it.”

Officials say March 2020 sales decreased by 39% and the first part of April sales were off by 55%. However, most dealerships are offering incentives to increase rates, which makes it a beneficial time to purchase. 

“Another thing when it comes to incentives, actually have zero percent of the 84 months. We have a great rebate as well. It really just depends on which vehicle it is on: select vehicles that can get the zero percent. So right now is a great time to buy for what they’re doing.”