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  • Celeste Smith

Care Lodge Assists Victims Via Phone During COVID-19 Pandemic

In Meridian, a local domestic violence shelter has had to alter the way it assists victims due to the coronavirus crisis.

To maintain social distancing, Care Lodge has had to close the doors of their main office to the public, but although their office is closed, Sara Smith, community coordinator at care lodge assures that the shelter is still assisting victims –just via telephone.

Telling Twin States, that the pandemic has presented new challenges when trying to determine ways the shelter can assist victims.

“You know, we’re sitting on the other side of the phone and we’re able to say, ‘okay, who is there with you, are you safe, who do you need to plan safety for? for you and children --for you, children and pets? are you working somewhere, are you under quarantine?’ you know, there’s new barriers, like if their sick, how can we help them get the services they need. you know medical services and connect them with the right clinic or testing site. so, there’s other things we have to think about with them as far as safety planning is covered”, said Sara Smith, community coordinator at Care Lodge.

Smith also shares, that victims within the shelter are following the CDC’S guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but if more victims come to the shelter, Care Lodge is prepared to increase social distancing amongst them.

“If we get to the point where we are at capacity and we have to make arrangements, there’s additional funding throughout the system. it could be a hotel or a motel, similar things to what we have done in the past, we just have to do a little bit more fenagling in terms of getting those people to the right service”, said Smith.

As care lodge continues to serve multiple counties throughout East Mississippi during the COVID-19 pandemic, they encourage victims to call their 24-hour crisis hotline at 601-693-HOPE.

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