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Changes coming in the New Year

Today the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation Council of Governments held their monthly meeting where officials came together and discussed various topics. We spoke with a few officials who say the 2023 year will bring much change.

"Today's gathering was a meeting of the council of governments and which consists of Marion, Meridian, Lauderdale county, and, our state delegation for the legislature," stated Charles Young Jr.

One topic of discussion brought up by Young in the meeting was ARPA funding.

"With each of our entities making certain that if they have any requests that might qualify for ARPA funding to get those requests to the state because we're almost at a point now where it's use it or lose it," stated Young.

Young also discussed a plan of action to give Meridian more coverage by highlighting successful Meridan natives every Wednesday.

"One of the things that we will be featuring in the legislature we're working with rules to get this done is to have recognition for people from meridian that have national and or international acclaim. And we're hoping to have magic meridian Wednesday in the legislature," explained Young.

The Mayor of Marion also shared that changes are underway for the City of Marion.

"Right now in Marion, we have a lot of different projects on the table. And we're looking at a new water well treatment facility. We're looking at a possible remodel of a town hall and just doing things in Marion that makes that front corridor coming into Marion looking good, " stated Mayor Larry Gil.

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