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  • Celeste Smith

City of Meridian prepares for possible impact from Hurricane Sally

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The city of Meridian is preparing for the possible impact Hurricane Sally may have on the city.

Meridian city officials are advising local residents to be prepared in case Hurricane Sally brings inclement weather to the city, and to have an emergency plan already in place.

Concerned about heavy rain fall causing flash flooding in the city, Meridian Public Safety Director, Doug Stephens, shared that the city has already begun to survey streets and drainage systems, hoping to minimize any possible flooding.

“Yesterday and today, we’ve been out cleaning some of the inlets, our public works are out making sure that those are clear, making sure that we won’t have any issues with water draining. All of our other emergency response functions are prepared. We stay prepared, but when we have these, we kind of heighten our expectations of what may happen and are focused and prepared to deal with any flooding issues we may have,” said Doug Stephens.

He also offers a reminder to citizens, saying that we are still in the midst of hurricane season.

“There’s still the probability of having other storms affect us throughout the hurricane season, and the biggest thing is to stay prepared. Our citizens need to understand that yes, we may have dodged a bullet with Laura, and we may dodge a bullet with Sally, but we need to be prepared,” said Stephens.

City officials are continuing to monitor Hurricane Sally’s path, to further prepare for the storm’s possible impact

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