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City Of Meridian removing signs in violation of City's Right of Way

Updated: May 23

Meridian MS - Have you noticed signs going missing around the city? Well. It may have been placed in the right of way.

“Please do not put your business signage or your political signs since we’re in a year of politics as well, do not put those on the city right of ways.” - Craig Hitt

Community Development Director Craig Hitt and the City of Meridian have been removing signs that are in violation. “Our city ordinance requires that there not be any advertisements or any signage in city right of ways.”

So, what qualifies as a right of way? “Just be mindful of putting them close to the streets or in mediums or any areas that would appear to be maintained by the city.”

The city says owners can retrieve their signs at the bottom floor of the City’s parking garage located on 24th Avenue.

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