Citywide Mask Mandate Now In Effect In Meridian
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  • Celeste Smith

Citywide Mask Mandate Now In Effect In Meridian

In Meridian, a citywide mask mandate has been issued by Mayor Percy Bland, and is now officially in effect.

Beginning Saturday, July 25, anyone over the age of 2 that is able to medically tolerate wearing a facial covering will be required to do so in public spaces.

Businesses such as restaurants, liquor stores, salons, and all places of business will now require all employees and customers to wear a facial covering when entering their establishment.

The executive order states that a medical grade mask will not be required, and that appropriate facial coverings may be old fashioned scarves, bandanas, and handkerchiefs, but all facial coverings must cover the mouth and nose.

A mask will not be required when exercising outdoors, when driving in a vehicle alone, or with passengers that reside in the same household, and when eating and drinking at restaurants.

Those found in violation of the mandate will be given a citation warning the first time, but the second time they will be given fine. A fine for a business found in violation is $250, and the fine for an individual is $100.

Some residents shared that they are understanding of why the penalty was set for those who may be found in violation of the new mandate.

“It’s a good thing, because it shouldn’t be no problem. The purpose of the whole thing is to get this stuff down, and for us going into –they should have no problems obeying it, because we know – you know, what’s going on in this lifetime. This right here is a new millennium, right now. We live in a different world right now,” said Timothy Foy, believes the penalty set is fair.

“I feel like there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to be rebellious, but in a sense I feel like they should enforce the mask mandate, and they should go really, really hard to enforce the mask mandate, because we as a people want to be free again. We want to be able to live life without having to wear masks. So, if everybody cooperates, we’ll be able to get back to normal and we can drop the number of cases that we have,” said Inise Ngumezi, believes the penalty is needed.

The citywide mask mandate is to remain in effect until further notice.