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Could your child soon have to change where they go to school?

Meridian MS - Meridian Public School District has voted to approve the 2023-2024 school year reconfiguration plan. Superintendent of schools dr. Amy carter explains the plan. “We're looking at the fact that our buildings are aging. We have an opportunity to do some upgrades to a few buildings, but we don't have the funding to do it to all the buildings. And with declining enrollment, it gives us a chance to select some buildings, ensure that those buildings are state of the art as they can possibly be, and as safe as they can be for our students.”

She also says what this means for parents and students in the community. “We will be getting information to you about where your child's new schools are, will be, and we will be talking and communicating with you if you have any concerns or questions. We're going to be setting up information on our website. Our school leaders are available for any questions that parents will have.”

For those concerned about their children switching schools, Dr. Carter offers this message. “We're just a work in progress right now. We're doing things to move our schools forward and move our students forward. And sometimes that may it a little uncomfortable. But together we can make this happen. And it could be great for our students.”

It’s understandable that there are concerns, but the district promises the students are their number one priority.

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