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COVID-19 continues to rise in Mississippi, highest amount of cases reported Wednesday

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The largest case numbers seen, 1,092, was reported by the Mississippi Department of Health with 5 new deaths yesterday.

Today, reports 550 new cases with 6 additional deaths. The state now holds 25,066 cases with 1,022 deaths.

State health officer Dr. Dobbs and state epidemilogist Dr. Paul Byers performed a live stream yesterday to discuss the new cases and the seriousness of the illness, for some are still not taking the virus as important as they should.

“With the recent numbers that we’re seeing, it has not been unexpected,” says Dr. Byers. We are seeing community transmission. We are starting to see cases among young people. A good number of those cases now are in this age group between 18 and 29.”

The CDC warns that people may be carrying symptoms without even knowing. This highlights why young people can easily spread to the older generation.

With case numbers growing daily, Dr. Dobbs expresses that the healthcare system is enduring a large amount of stress during this pandemic.

“We have seen significant stress on the healthcare system and over the past couple days, we have seen the highest number of hospitalized patients as well,” says Dr. Dobbs. “I’m worried about next week or two weeks from now. This reckless social behavior is going to harm the whole state.”

The Center for Disease Control updated their list of symptoms for the virus which are congestion, nausea and diarrhea.

These symptoms join a growing list which already includes fever and coughing-the main two symptoms that can easily be spread.

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