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Design Plans for Meridian's Future Skate Park is Finally Revealed

Local residents gathered at Ben Arthur Davis Park which is now the future home of the Skate Park. Many local skaters came out to the Presentation Kick-off despite the cold weather. Last night they revealed the final designs and discussed what the next steps are to completing the Skate Park.

"I am just thrilled that Meridian is welcoming this great idea of a new Recreational Activity for not just kids or young adults. This is for families and for families to come. This is going to be a new item to the different events that we have in Meridian," stated Tyeasha Bell Lindsey.

Lindsey shared that getting this far in the process to complete this project is a great accomplishment and that she can't wait to begin the next phase.

"So what we got to do is see it and we're going to celebrate this design and then that's we're going to start raising those funds to make it happen."

The CEO of Grindline and the designer of the Skate Park said that it is well designed and he took what everyone wanted it to be like and that it’s going to be the best Skate Park in Mississippi.

"It's got a little bit of everything. You know, there's a lot there's a nice variety of sort of street style terrain and transitional terrain as well. So it'll be good for all ages, all skill levels, for years and years, decades," said Matt Fluegge.

Now knowing how the future Skate Park will look and learning that it will be about 10,000 square feet Skaters shared their excitement.

"I think it's really cool that Meridian is finally getting something, so it looks so cool and has an advanced look. I mean, I think it's great for, you know, people like me and my little brother to come out and skate and actually be able to enjoy Downtown," said Dylan Pierce.

"Well, it looks better than the park I had back home. I just moved here, but yeah, I think it's great, and It looks really good," shared Chase Clark.

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