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Destiny Stone performs for Meridian High.

Destiny Stone is an independent artist who is native of Jackson and Holly Springs. She performed her “Nina Now Show “to students of Meridian High Today. The show pays tribute to jazz legend Nina Simone, and Destiny says it’s the perfect way to connect to students through music.

“I really love working with kids. I'm also a teacher myself. So, I love getting to have the ability to come out and share with students and just really encourage them. Especially in this social media age. They I see so much stuff. They compare themselves to other people. I just want to kind of shine a little light, and let them know, hey, look, you're good, this is the way you are and just encourage them."

Destiny, who now lives in North Carolina, says her main goal in coming back to Mississippi is to keep the students encouraged in themselves. “I don't know if they might have had a bad morning before they came here, but I hope once they get back to those classrooms, they feel encouraged and empowered, like, yes, I can do this, and they got nothing on me and just feel good about themselves.”

After her destiny’s performance, senior Javonte Legette shared what he loved about the show. “Hearing about the history of what was going on. And I like looking at context from the songs and things and like trying to figure out what she's saying about songs.”

Students say Destiny put on a great performance, and Destiny says she cannot wait to tour other schools to teach students to love themselves through music.

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