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Did Inflation cause this Christmas to be more expensive?

Everyone has been impacted by inflation and the rising prices of food, gas, and other things. We spoke with a few parents about how inflation may have made Christmas more expensive this year.

"Particularly when it comes to food for the holiday meal and all of that, it's in the gas. Getting down here is not as bad as it would have been in a couple of months ago. But it's it's not great. So definitely feeling a little bit of sting from higher prices this year," said Michael Steel.

Many parents that we spoke with today said inflation caused the price of Christmasresident to be a little more pricey, one local residents shares how she managed.

"It feels like everything prices on everything is going up from sodas to gifts and toys. So it has been a little bit more difficult, but it's about being strategic about what you get and finding the things that really make an impact for you and your kids and things that can make memories, which is part of the reason that we're here today because the giving of experiences can mean a lot more than any gifts can mean, said Stacey Howell.

Inflation isn’t the only thing that impacted Christmas this year, the queen city suffered below-freezing temperatures. With the cold still lurking around many parents says they enjoy having a place indoors to bring their kids and still have some fun.

"It's a good place to burn off energy, especially the day after Christmas. But it's a lot of creative things, too, and I just like the way they incorporate everything that children can do and adults can do with them because we're really big kids," stated Linda Cason.

Michael Steel said," We're having a great time here at the children's museum. I've got two kids here and they both love it. And particularly again, since it's a little colder than usual outside, we can't go to the park. So it's great to have this facility here to play."

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