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Doctors encourage vaccines ahead of the Holiday Season.

Meridian, MS - As the holiday season has begun and many people have begun to gather with family, doctors are encouraging people to remember the use of vaccines.

“A lot of people not getting the vaccine, that can contribute as a factor also with the spread of the flu,” says Family Medicine Resident Dr. Joel Jules.

Dr. Joel Jules of EC HealthNet expressed the need for vaccines. “The flu is still a big problem; we tend to push a lot for COVID-19, but the flu is still out there and still getting a lot of people in the hospital.

Dr. Jules says it’s also important to get checked whenever feeling ill or experiencing symptoms of a cough, congestion, or even a fever.

Patricia Easley of Meridian emphasized why she chooses to take the vaccine every year. “To keep myself staying safe, I always take the flu shot every year.”

She also expressed how she feels vaccines will benefit the community as well. “If they keep up with their vaccines, it’ll keep them safe and their neighbors and their family safe.”

Now doctors are encouraging that as people get together for the holidays, they need to make sure they are vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe.

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