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  • Celeste Smith

Dream Team Of The South Held A Second Peace Rally On June 16th

In Meridian, the organizers of the “Breath Through Me” peace rally that took place on June 6th, held another peace rally on Tuesday evening on the City Hall Lawn, before the city council meeting, they later attended the meeting to present a plan of action.

The group that organized both of the “Breathe Though Me” peace rally’s have named their group, Dream Team of The South, and one of the organizers, N’spire Walker, presented the groups plan and initiative before the city council. Stating, that their initiative is to bring unity within the meridian community- presenting a plan on how they would assist with community growth and development . The group also requested the removal of the Confederate monument that stands in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

At the meeting is was stated that the council was unsure who would be responsible for that action, but the Dream Team of The South was invited to present their plan in further detail at the city work session.

“I’m excited, I’m excited, that’s all I can say, I’m so grateful that at least they heard me, they listened. It’s about working together ya’ll. I’m just excited, this is just the beginning. I just put out what I hoped for, I think it will happen before months, because guess what –we’ll have to meet with them on their part, where they can help, but guess what, we’re still going to be moving and shaking, meeting with people, we done already started”, said N’spire Walker, organizer.

She also shared that she hopes members of the community who are in support of keeping the monument, will try to view the symbol of the statue from another perspective.

“The others who are speaking ‘no, keep it there’, it’s because they don’t –they’re not on our side of the tracks or they can’t feel our pain. So, until you can feel what we feel then you’re not going to want to see change. You’ll want to keep it there, people say ‘oh you need to keep history there, it’s going to repeat itself’ –yes, there is a difference with knowing your history versus leaving a reminder there every day. It makes you feel like you’re in bondage, it keeps putting you there. Everything has energy, if you keep saying okay, it’s like telling us ‘Yeah, you’re still here, you’re still beneath us. No, we’re a people”, said Walker.

The organizers of Dream Team of The South are expecting to attend to city work session on June 30, to further discuss their plan and initiative.

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