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Drought and Extremely Hot Summer affecting Christmas Tree Crops ahead of Holidays.

Newton, MS - Michael May is the owner of Lazy Achers Farm Fun in Newton MS, and expressed the effect the drought and extremely hot summer has had on Christmas trees. “It will impact us for the next three to four years because we lost about 70 percent of the trees that we planted. On our big trees this year we normally get about two feet of growth, and we hardly got any growth so where we normally would expect to have 10- and 11-foot trees available for sale, the tallest tree we’re going to have this year is about 9-foot tall.”

Although they may not be the biggest, Michael still encourages getting a real tree for the holidays. “The drought this year will not have affected as far as; when you see a live tree out here in the field and you cut it down, you know you’ve got a good quality live product, but you definitely want to make sure you keep it watered.”

Speaking of keeping the tree watered, Michael emphasized the importance of watering a fresh tree, especially after this year’s drought. “The whole key to keeping a fresh tree is to make sure you never let it drink below where you cut that tree off.”

Michael says that the drought has not really affected the trees they plan to sell this year, and he is also encouraging the community to come out this weekend, for the “Early-Bird” tree sale, where you can get a real tree just in time for the holidays.

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