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  • Keaundria Milloy

East Mississippi Nonprofits hold informational meeting

The East Mississippi Nonprofits held an informational meeting this morning at the downtown Citizen National Bank. The meeting was hosted by the United Way of East Mississippi, the Community Foundation of East Mississippi and East Mississippi Hub for Volunteers and Nonprofits.

Topics of discussion included fundraisers, grant opportunities, volunteer recruitment and partnerships.

“Community and cooperation are so important to the nonprofit community in East Mississippi, especially in times like these,” says Executive Director of Community Foundation of East Mississippi Leigh Thomas. “So we are just here today to talk about things that are important to nonprofits and offer some tools and resources that the nonprofits can take back and use to keep their organization going and make them better.”

This informational allowed the East Mississippi for Volunteers and Nonprofits to give a general introduction to the other nonprofits since the beginning of the pandemic.

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