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  • Celeste Smith

EMBDC continues its Restart, Restore, Recover campaign to further stimulate local economy

Many businesses have been impacted due to the pandemic, and an organization serving as the chamber of commerce and economic development agency for Meridian and Lauderdale County began a campaign hoping to reduce the blow to local businesses.

The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation (EMBDC) began the Restart, Restore, Recover campaign in June to encourage residents to shop local to support the local economy during the pandemic.

Although the Restart, Restore, Recover campaign was introduced, because of the impact COVID-19 had on local businesses, like many businesses having to close their doors or cutback on employees, the EMBDC hopes residents continue to shop local once the campaign ends. “It’s something that we may be focused on for a little while, but its – it really needs to continue, and just be the mindset, you know, going forward period. Whether, we’re campaigning, and pushing its, or just in general when we come out of COVID,” said Bill Hannah, EMBDC President and CEO.

Thanks to resident’s support of local businesses, the sales tax in the city of Meridian during the month of July is up by almost 12% in comparison to last year. While, the local economy is showing signs of recovery, EMBDC President Bill Hannah says there is still room for improvement.

“We’re still kind of in the throes of all of this, so there are not only just small local businesses impacted by this, there’s still some of our industries are. So, we’re not out of the woods yet for sure, and you know anything that we can do – we need to do to support everything that we can locally. I don’t know if this is like a light switch, you know, one day it was bad and the next day its good, this is going to be an ongoing effort, and so we have a lot of companies and businesses that are still hurting,” said Hannah.

The Restart, Restore, Recover campaign is still running, and the EMBDC is still encouraging local businesses and individuals to display the campaigns logo to continue to motivate members of the community to shop local.