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  • Keaundria Milloy

EMEPA continues power restoration

East Mississippi Electric Power Association is 8 days in for power restoration after the two ice storms from last week. As of Monday mid-morning, about 400 customers were still without power.

“The second storm did a lot more damage than the first, all across our service area," said Director of Marketing and Communications Julie Boles. "We had about 25,000 outages following Wednesday’s storm.”

After almost restoring power from Monday’s storm, crews were sent out again to recover from Wednesday’s storm. Linemen have worked over the weekend to restore power in their service area and Boles says now outages are mainly in Kemper and Winston counties.

“It’s a process of power restoration. They have to start with the bigger three phase main lines and then work their way to the smaller single phase lines and then the individual services in people’s homes," said Boles.

EMEPA has received assistance from numerous companies in order to restore power and poles. They have replaced over 50 broken poles and have about 30 more to replace.

“The weight of the ice brought down a lot of vines and broke a lot of our poles. We are still getting out to the most remote and rural areas of our service territory, so there is potential that we could find more damage and more broken poles as the crews continue to work through these outages.”

Restoration efforts are planned to rollover into tomorrow. To report power outages, visit here.

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