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Enterprise Elem First-Grade Teacher, Hiawatha Satcher, is February's Golden Apple Winner

Enterprise, MS: First-grade teacher, Hiawatha Satcher, is February's golden apple teacher of the month. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing a student's hard work pay off.

"There's those kids that need that little extra and sometimes they struggle and they struggle and we work and we work endless day in and day out, but the most rewarding moment for me is when that light bulb finally goes off and something that they've struggled with all year they finally get that. That lets me know that I have touched that child's life that I have been a productive teacher for that year," says Satcher.

Driving the school bus gives her a unique opportunity to observe her students outside the classroom.

"We wonder why kids say and do and act sometimes the way that they do. But sometimes we don't know the whole story. And by me being a bus driver I get to see those kids and sometimes I get to meet some of those kids needs that otherwise I wouldn't know that they need, had I not been in the position and I feel like God placed me there because I do love to help people. And I think this opens up a whole new world for me to see, Don't judge a book by its cover," Satcher added.

Mrs. Satcher is set to retire after 33 years in the classroom & says she'll miss her colleagues the most. "When school starts back that first day, it's just like Christmas, kids opening their presents at Christmas, that's the way we feel and that's the way we treat each other that very first day of school because some of us don't get see each other over the whole summer. We always have such a special bond. and it's just like Christmas. And that's what I'm going to miss most."

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