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Enterprise Middle School has a Career Day

Today Enterprise Middle School students had the chance to get an inside look at different career paths from Guest Speakers in different career fields. I had the chance to be a Guest Speaker to students who were interested in possibly going into News Broadcasting.

"Well, over the last probably month or so, we did a College and Career unit.

And this tied into something our Superintendent spoke to at the beginning of the year. He said, you know, our first goal for our students is for them to graduate high school," stated Fifth Grade Reading Teacher Bethany Garrett.

Garrett said that the students started with a career interest inventory to see which field they would be best in then they did research into the jobs that were chosen.

"So it's just trying to get them to think about their future even in middle school to start making goals and making plans to be successful. So as a way to kind of tie that in we brought Guest Speakers in from the community to talk to them about what they do and kind of y'all share with them if they're interested in that field, what steps they would need to take to achieve that, and do that in their future," said Garrett.

Students had a chance to ask any question they wanted and I was able to provide them with answers and even share my experience as a News Reporter. Some students shared what the best part of this experience was for them.

Gracie Smith said, "The best part for me was being on camera."

Sonny Thomas said, "What I enjoyed the most was meeting people who had different careers and finding out what career I would love to be in."

Although the students have quite a ways to go before getting into their Career Fields it’s never too early to start planning for the future.

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