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Food Truck Park Coming To Meridian.

The city of Meridian will soon have a one-shop stop for food truck vendors.

The city of Meridian will soon have its first very own food truck park. The people of meridian will no longer have to track down where their favorite food truck will be next. Culinary park is one destination that will feature a variety of different food trucks. The owner of the park Jimmy Copeland explains what made him want to bring a food truck to the downtown meridian.

“About two years ago, we noticed that a lot of food trucks were around in Meridian, Mississippi, and they were located parked in different places in front of business”

Most food trucks throughout the city were parked in front of businesses which is now illegal so Copeland figured out a location that would benefit all food trucks.

“We were trying to find a way to put them all together in one location in order to have one location so everybody could come and eat the desired foods.”

Copeland has been receiving a lot of phone calls from food trucks that hope to make Culinary Park a place of business.

“We're hoping to get vendors that want to be here daily, and they can 24 hours or whatever hours they want to be here. It's up to them.”

Plans are in order for Culinary park to be active as of October 1st vendors will be allowed to park without a fee until January 2022

“We're looking for a full-time vendor to be here during the so day, people get in the area, can get out and walk and come to a lot of different things.”

The location of Culinary park was chosen precisely due to the fact of the growth in downtown meridian

“We're just excited about the direction of the city. Meridian is going in. There's a lot of growth going on downtown, and we think that Culinary Park could be in addition to that.”

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