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Free at-home COVID-19 Testing kits

Not long ago there was a shortage of at-home covid tests. Now all Americans have the chance to get them and test in the comfort of their home.

The White House has announced that Americans now have access to free- at-home covid tests. This is the first time free-at-home covid-19 rapid test kits have been offered through a Government website. I went out to see what some of the people of meridian thought of this gestures and if they too plan to place an order.

" I think it’s great because some people might not be able to go out and get it and I also think that it may help solve some of our problems and I just feel like it’s a great thing and pray that many people try to get on board and get theirs," said Rufus Griggs.

While some meridians are happy to hear of the free at-home rapid testing kits being available some still have their doubts.

Mike Morgan said, "There is no such thing as free someone pays for it like all the taxpayers, furthermore if your going to get it your going to know it so why do you need to test for it."

One Meridian has already taken advantage of the situation and already placed her order for the free test kits.

" I think it's very needful and I’m very glad because they have been really hard to find and I have looked for some and couldn’t find them and I really appreciate the president to have those available to us," said Annie Terrell.

The Government website allows Americans to order four at-home tests per household and have them delivered by mail but one meridian has a concern about the time it will take to receive the test.

" I think it’s great as long as we get good results in a timely manner and my family in North Carolina are saying it will take 3 – 5 days they have to wait on the test and I’m saying what if you already have it," said Catherine McDonald.

If you are interested in placing an order of COVID testing kits for your household visit https://www.covidtests.gov/.

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