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  • Keaundria Milloy

Free Clinic of Meridian kicks off Adopt-A-Patient fundraiser

MERIDIAN, Miss. - The Free Clinic of Meridian has kicked of their annual Adopt-A-Patient program.

“If it wasn’t for the free clinic, I wouldn’t have nowhere to go for medical help. I don’t have medical insurance because I can’t afford it.”

These are the words one patient at the Free Clinic of Meridian and they aren’t the only one in this position. Executive Director Stephanie Woodall says since the pandemic began, they’ve seen an uptick in patients due to loss of jobs and insurance.

“I actually had a patient about two weeks ago who was here and as I was explaining the benefits of being a patient," said Woodall. He said, “oh no ma’am, I don’t need help with my prescription-I just lost my insurance. I lost my job and I don’t have insurance right now.”

Through private grants and donations, the clinic is funded to give a helping hand to patients, but are still in need of financial assistance.

The Free Clinic of Meridian serves more than 1,000 patients. The Adopt-A-Patient Program gives everyone the opportunity to help a deserving person receive the care that they need.

“It allows individuals the opportunity to adopt-a-patient for $10 a month or $120 a year to help provide free healthcare for individuals in the community who do not have insurance," said Woodall.

Woodall says if these patients go untreated, it could lead to serious life-threatening complications.

“If you have nowhere to go, you go to the ER and that puts a burden on the healthcare system and everybody," stated Woodall. "So, we’re here to help those individuals and the community by providing this care.”

For more information on the Adopt-A-Patient Program, visit here.

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