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  • Celeste Smith

Gov. Tate Reeves "Safe Return Order" Now In Effect

Updated: Jun 17

Today, the new safe return order issued by Governor Tate Reeves is officially in effect, allowing for the state of Mississippi to continue to reopen its economy.

Issued on Wednesday, June 27th, the Safe Return Order replaces the safer at home order, now allowing the state of Mississippi to enter the final stage of safely reopening.

Thanks to the new order, all types of businesses were able to reopen today, but are still required to follow safety guidelines mandated in the order, to continue to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Beginning today, all travel can resume, but it is still encouraged to limit non- essential business travel. Guidelines addressing social gatherings mandate that if social distancing is possible, up to 50 people are allowed indoors and up to one hundred people are allowed outdoors, but if social distancing is not possible up to 20 people are allowed to gather indoors and up to 50 outdoors.

Also, while following strict social distancing and sanitation guidelines, schools are able to reopen for summer programs.

When announcing the new order last Wednesday Gov. Reeves stated that Mississippi is currently facing an economic crisis, that needs to be addressed.

“We can not have an endless shutdown, we have to act with courage, trusting our friends and our fellow Mississippians to act responsibly”, said Governor Tate Reeves.

At that time, he also advised that despite all businesses reopening, the threat of COVID-19 is still present.

“If you are part of a vulnerable population, such as those over the age of 65 --or those great Mississippians with a pre-existing condition, we will still ask you to stay at home as often as possible", said Gov. Reeves.

Governor Tate Reeves' “Safe Return Order” set to expire in effect until Monday, June 15th.