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Great turnout for Touch-A-Truck Event

Updated: Jul 21

As a continuation of their Love-Out-Loud event, Northcrest Baptist Church hosted a Touch A-Truck event for the community last night. The event allowed kids and adults to go inside many emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and helicopters.

"We do this because we're trying to engage the community and we're trying. The main thing is to share the gospel and share the love of Jesus Christ. And this is what we're doing. This is what the whole week is about, ministering to our city and loving all people, and letting them see the reality of the love of Christ," said Pastor Dan Lanier.

Children and teens had the opportunity to climb into fire trucks, sit in helicopters and turn on the sirens of police cruisers. Some kids share their favorite vehicles and what they have enjoyed the most.

"I think it's probably the ambulance. I think I like it because it helps people and the Mississippi Power Truck," said Jolly Jed.

Naomi Hayes said, "The fire one because it had the swing on it."

"It's just that all the amazing people that will come here to spread the love all over Meridian," said Jd Belk.

Marus Hayes who brought his family along from Houston Texas tells what brought him and his family to The Queen City.

"We are here because we're serving. We're from Houston, Texas, and I'm the speaker for the event this week at Love out Loud. So I brought my family, we're enjoying it, man. This is great what God is doing in Meridian, Mississippi," said Hayes.

Medics, Officers, and Firefighters all came out from the community to support the event. Jameka Moore who is a part of the Highway Patrol tells us what made him want to take part in the event.

" The Touch Truck event was just a chance for us to come out and interact with the community and let the community know that we're here. We're out here to support them and to work for the citizens of our community," said Moore.

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