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Increase In Uneployment Insurance Fraud During The Pandemic

Yesterday, during Governor Tate Reeves’ press conference, state officials addressed unemployment insurance fraud to be a large issue during the pandemic, warning Mississippians to be aware as cases of unemployment insurance fraud increase.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has already paid more than $1 billion in unemployment claims, but during this time, there have been many reports of fraud.

It was stated that $26 billion could be wasted in

unemployment fraud across the united states through these fraudulent claims.

Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Jackie Turner, shared that you may become a victim to a large-scale fraudulent crime ring or someone you know, she offered advice on how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

“People reveal a lot of information even unknowingly through their social media presence, so be careful of the information that you share to the public, public facing types of information,

specifically social media, because if someone, a group of people, has an intent to do harms, whether it be from an unemployment insurance world or just stealing your identity , to other purposes they can get a lot of information by what your post on social media”, said Jackie Turner, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

Encouraging Mississippians, to report unemployment insurance fraud, U.S. Attorney for The Southern District of Mississippi, Mike Hurst, stated that the U.S. Attorney’s office will prosecute this crime to the fullest extent.

“If you’re a victim as Jackie mentioned, please, please, please, reach out to your local law enforcement , reach out to the Mississippi Department of employment security, we need to hear from you, we need to talk to you, we need to interview you, and if you’re a banker, financial institution, please do the same, because what we’re seeing in this fraud is the money is going to banks out of the state, the monies are coming into banks Mississippi that might be defrauding other state department of employment security”, said Mike Hurst, U.S. Attorney for The Southern District of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security allows you to report unemployment insurance fraud online anonymously or including your contact information.

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