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Industrial Heritage Museum prepares for Spring Steam Up

Updated: May 22

Meridian MS - Greg Hatcher is the executive director of the Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum and is gearing up for its Spring Steam Up event. “The museum is really happy this year to offer steam at other times. We usually have it during the Soule steam festival. But this year and this weekend we’re going to have some steam for people to come and enjoy.”

So where does the steam come from? “We have a boiler that’s been donated to us, that allows us to do steam more often, because it’s a little smaller and uses less energy.”

From demonstrating the engines, to blowing the steam whistle, Greg enjoys teaching others about the benefits of steam. “We depend on Steam for our electricity, for sanitation, and all sorts of things even today. It was the first portable power man had, that allowed us to do industry and mechanical work away from rivers.”

The museum says that as they get prepared today, they expect a big turnout tomorrow to come and enjoy the steam.

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