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  • Celeste Smith

Infusion Therapy At Local Pharmacy Relieves Concerns For At Risk Patients

In Meridian, a local pharmacy is alleviating the concerns of immunocompromised patients that continue to receive infusion therapy during the pandemic, allowing them to remain socially distanced as they receive their treatments.

Traditionally, infusion therapy is done in hospital outpatient centers with patients receiving treatments seated next to each other in a row, but now the pandemic has presented new challenges for many patients that receive infusion therapy in this fashion.

Working with hospitals to free up hospital beds and reduce the burden during the pandemic, Vital Care of Meridian has continued to provide services to patients, allowing them to receive infusion therapy in one of their private infusion suites, or in the comfort of their own home.

“If you’re having to go somewhere for an infusion, more than likely that infusion could be done in your home or even in one of our infusion suites. So, with people being more aware of the dangers out there as far as COVID and other opportunistic infections, people have become more familiar with the availability of not having to always go to a hospital or a doctor’s office to receive those services", said Justin Scarbrough, pharmacist Vital Care of Meridian.

He also says that thanks to their partnership with outside agencies, they are able to safely provide these treatments in the homes of patients .

“ We partner with home health agencies here in town, we basically serve as the pharmacy, so we mix the medication, provide most of the necessary supplies that the nursing agency would need to provide those services in the home, we have to mix those medications under very stringent conditions, make sure that everything is safe, there’s and don’ts of safe guards in place, to ensure that the safety is there for the patients in the home”, said Scarbrough.

Vital Care of Meridian is an independently owned pharmacy that has been providing its services to the community for more than 25 years.

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