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  • Keaundria Milloy

Junior Auxiliary celebrates 'World Art Day' Thrusday

MERIDIAN, Miss. - The Junior Auxiliary of Meridian celebrates ‘World Art Day’ in collecting art supplies for school districts in Lauderdale County. The celebration was held Thursday at Dumont Plaza in downtown. Member Dana Moore says supplies have been limited due to the pandemic.

“We decided to do a supply drive to help the teachers get the supplies they needed to integrate arts into their curriculum. Well that kind of expanded into this wonder event," said Moore. "We decided we wanted to get the community involved as well.”

Making crafts, painting and musical performances were only half the treat of this celebration. Vendors showcased their profession in the arts for children who may have interest.

“Children are immensely more capable of music than adults are because they can learn so fast and they can see things that we don’t even imagine, it’s amazing," said Danny Rushing of Mississippi Music.

“Teaching college students all day--coming out here and being able to teach children has been so refreshing to see a new type of creativity and attitude," said Lisa Spinks of East Mississippi Community College.

Several people donate art supplies to benefit the Hearts of the Arts initiative. Moore says Junior Auxiliary is always open in helping the community.

“That is the big JA mission is to be here and help our community and the kids in the community and we are also so happy to do that and bring an experience to them," said Moore.

To learn more about the 'Hearts for the Arts,' visit here.

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