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  • Keaundria Milloy

Lauderdale Co. Schools Kicks Off Online Summer Reading Program

Updated: Jun 17

Monday kicked off the Lauderdale County Schools virtual summer reading camp for students grades 1st through 3rd which will last until the end of June.

Southeast Elementary teacher, Cierra Williams says due to schools closing in March, the school district wants to be sure the students are getting all the necessary tools they need.

“We really do encourage them to participate because we’ve been out since March. We want to fill in any gaps that we can. We put a huge emphasis on participating.”

Students are asked to log online on weekdays via Zoom Conference, which allows their schedules to be adjusted by their parents. Students will be taught by teachers at Southeast and Northeast Elementary Schools.

“It’s just like a class. I stay on for 15, 20 to 30 minutes for the whole class and then we log off and individually I’ll meet with them based on their needs.”

Based on their needs refers to the students’ Lexia scores during the school year, allowing those students to receive extra help if needed.

“We’re meeting with them based on how many minutes they are on Lexia. So if students use 60 minutes a week, we need to make sure that we’re meeting with them 60 minutes a week.”

These tasks are completed by using chromebooks provided by the district to work remotely.