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Lauderdale County School District's Career & Technical Education Program Improvements

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Today at the Rotary Club The Superintendent of the Lauderdale County School District who was the Guest Speaker spoke on the improvements and changes of their CTE and Workforce Development Program improvements and their new center.

"Well, I'm here to kind of share some news about our new center and new developments in Career & Technical Education with the Lauderdale County Schools. Well, we're looking to expand Career & Technical Education in our area. Of course, the workforce is vitally important, and there are a lot of ways that we're hitting the marks," said Rob Smith, Director of Career & Technical Education.

Lauderdale County School District’s Career & Technical Education classes will soon have a new in-house hub for the classes, McCain says that the changes made will greatly benefit their students.

"We gather data from different sources or our students and around the state from different entities to figure out exactly what our businesses need in terms of workforce, and that will help develop our programs as we move forward," said Superintendent McCain.

CTE is aimed at directly preparing high school students for high-wage,

high-demand careers after graduation. Covering many career fields, learning is both in the classroom and experiential hands-on. Smith said they are working to expand CTE in our area.

"Metal industry, transportation, and logistics are becoming a big thing for us here in meridian. So we're looking at placing and putting in programs is going to be looking at the next 50 years of our workforce here in meridian and Lauderdale County or anything like that," stated Smith.

Smith said they are excited about the possibility of expansion in the future and look forward to doing what’s best for their students.

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