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  • Keaundria Milloy

Lauderdale County Schools and Meridian Public Schools ensure bus safety for students

With the first school year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lauderdale County School District and the Meridian Public School District have prepared guidelines for bus routes.

Both districts have similar rules when it comes to transportation. First and foremost, parents are asked to check their child’s temperature before getting on the bus and make sure they don’t have any symptoms of the virus.

Also, each students must be wearing a mask before entering. All students are instructed to walk to the back of the bus as far as they can and sit so there is no cross contamination.

“Picking up at the bus stop-- the kids are supposed to be there waiting with a mask on and  social distancing,” says MPSD Transportation Director Jason Chisolm. “When they get on the bus, they are already supposed to be wearing a mask from home, however if they don’t have a one, we will issue them a mask.”

Once students make it to school, they will receive another temperature check.

“Each bus uploads one at a time so the kids can get on a line. They’re separated by distance--they come in and get their temperature checked,” LCSD Bus Driver Linda Weir explains.

Hand sanitizer is available on every bus in both districts.

“All the buses are equipped with them. Kids just get on and they’ll get a squirt and I’ve got several kids--as soon as they get off, they’ll also sanitize their hands. Once they get off the bus, I clean my driver area and all the door area,” says Weir.

All buses are cleaned thoroughly between each route. Both districts say, so far, all routes have been smooth in transition to and from school.

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