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  • Keaundria Milloy

Lauderdale schools begin distributing technology devices to students

Many students of Clarkdale and Southeast High School checked out iPads today for in-class and virtual learning. Parents were asked to sign waivers in order for their child to receive one. The job today was getting the devices powered on and ready for students to use.

“We have a user agreement and it gives all the information about the iPad on proper care and usage,” said Clarkdale High School Principal Brian Jordan. “We're going to go through some of the programs and apps and show students how to use them and make sure all the login information is correct.

Principal Jordan says the school is looking to gradually shift to all technology and do away with traditional settings.

“We’re trying to transition as much as we can to the devices. We are trying to get away from the traditional textbooks,” said Jordan. “With the COVID-19 situation and Clarkdale already being quarantined one time, we want students to have every advantage we can possibly give them.”

Not only will students take these iPads home to use, they will also be used in the classroom. This will allow students and teachers the ability to connect virtually, but together.

“They’ll bring them to school everyday. They’ll be used in the classroom. Instead of doing traditional group work, we’ll be able to do virtual group work through the iPads. The teachers will be able to mirror on the iPads what they’re doing on their smart TV’s,” said Jordan.

To have more connectivity for students, each school bus has also been installed with wifi capabilities. Clarkdale High School will be distributing iPads to students grades 9-12 until the end of this week. The school will begin distributing devices to students grades 7-8 Monday through Wednesday of next week.

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