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  • Celeste Smith

LCSD Released Its Guidelines For Football Fans On Game Day

Updated: Sep 1

The Lauderdale County School District has released its guidelines for football fans planning to attend games this season, hoping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The Lauderdale County School District will now be limiting the number of fans entering the stadium on game day. Participants at the football games, like football players, cheerleaders, band members, and managers, will be allowed to only purchase two $7 tickets for individuals that would like to attend a game, and tickets will not be available for purchase on game day. Fans attending the games will now be required to socially distance in the bleachers and wear masks at all times, except for when seated in the bleachers with family members.

Southeast Lauderdale High School’s Varsity Team had its first scrimmage of the season on their home field Friday night vs. Enterprise, and Head Coach Calvin Hampton shared that he is glad his team will have the opportunity to play this season.

“It is awkward, but you know – we’re blessed enough to have a season. Technically looking at it, I think we’re supposed to be in like week 3, right now if I’m not mistaken. –Week 4, roughly speaking. So, you know, by starting it late, you know, it is what it is. At the end of the day, at least we have a season, we’ll be able to compete against other teams, and you know we’re ready for it," said Calvin Hampton, Southeast Lauderdale High School’s Varsity Team.

Also saying, he believes game day’s will still have a great spectator turnout, even with the new guidelines for fans.

“I think fans are still going to come, if they have any type of true loyalty to the programs. Wherever school you’re at, fans are going to be there. It just comes down to having their mask on, practicing social distancing, being away from each other, --and man, just enjoying the atmosphere. Football is football --You come enjoy football,” said Hampton.

The Lauderdale County School District has this year’s football schedules for each school posted on the district’s website under the athletics tab, along with the district’s guidelines for football fans on game day.