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LCSD's New Decompression Room for Teachers

Lauderdale County School District teamed up with Woodstock furniture to provide teachers with a decompression room. The room will be a place for teachers to go and relax when needed. Southeast Middle school was the first to receive this special delivery.

“We feel like these rooms will provide an area for our teachers to have time to decompress", stated Superintendent John Mark-Cain. " It is stressful teaching and especially teaching during a pandemic. Sometimes we all need a little break”

The owners of Woodstock Furniture, Scott and Bailey Honeycutt, are providing furniture like lounge chairs, tables, and lamps to schools in the district.

“We were thrilled to be a part of this for the Lauderdale County Schools. The teachers need a break throughout the day, a rest spot where they can go and relax and gather their thoughts and get back into the classroom and have a wonderful day", said Bailey Honeycutt.

Each school has decorated its room, providing a tranquil and calm space for teachers. Payton Grogan, a 6th-8th grade math teacher is looking forward to being able to step away when she has time.

“I’m so excited that we got a decompression room. We do have our planning period as teachers where we can have a moment away from the students and everything else but it’s nice to have another room where you can get out of your classroom to come to relax and decompress.” -Payton Grogan

Along with Southeast Middle school; all schools in the Lauderdale County school district will receive the special delivery.

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