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LCSD Works to Cut the Cost of Fuel by Modifying Bus Routes

As the price of gas continues to affect daily activity, Lauderdale County School District (LCSD) is working to curb those fuel costs by changing its' bus routes for the upcoming school year.

"We have combined routes at Northeast Elementary and Northeast Middle. We have also optimized routes at Northeast High and Clarksdale. So, what you will see this year will be some changes in your child's driver, and pickup times will be different", explained Tim Moore, LCSD Transportation Director.

The district wanted to ensure that taxpayers' money was being spent efficiently. Moore says the amount of money saved by this change depends on the fluctuation of gas prices.

"We are not for sure. It is very much dependent upon fuel cost. We hope to save between the number of busses, maintenance, and fuel, maybe $100,000 a year, give or take.

Regarding how to handle COVID while in the tight spaces of a school bus, the district says they are still practicing safety measures.

"We're still working with some of the same guidelines we had last year. We still have available to our drivers a disinfectant and the opportunity to clean their buses. We still have hand sanitizer on every bus so that as children get on and off, they are welcome to use it", stated Director Tim. "Right now, there is nothing in the place where we will tell them they must wear a mask. Wearing a mask is still optional.

You can contact the child's school to find out if your child's bus route might be affected.

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