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  • Celeste Smith

LEMA gives tips on how residents can remain prepared for future winter weather events

Updated: Jan 12

Today, the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency advised residents to be cautious when driving, and to only travel if necessary, due to ice being on the roads.

Across Lauderdale County, you can find remnants of ice, snow, and puddles left behind from the small winter weather event that came yesterday evening and early this morning. The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency monitored for inclement weather, preparing for a worst-case scenario once the winter weather advisory went into effect on Sunday morning.

“We had cold weather coming one way, and wet weather the other way, --and you know, it was kind of a gamble to see where it was going to be, where the line was going to be. So, basically, we prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. So, we monitored it all night. You know, we were in contact with power companies, and again in Lauderdale county, -- the northwestern part of the county got more snow than the rest of us, but all in all, I would say it was a minor event,” said Greg Chatham, Lauderdale County EMA Deputy Director.

Lauderdale County EMA Deputy Director, Greg Chatham also shared information on how residents can prepare for future winter weather events.

“Just be prepared, make sure that you, -- if you’re a propane customer, that you keep your propane tank full. Check on your neighbors, your elderly neighbors, --a lot of people are already scared right now, because of the pandemic. They’re not getting out as much, -- if you’re going to the grocery store, pick them up something. Get all your supplies ahead of time,” said Chatham.

The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency encourages residents to sign up to receive notifications on severe or inclement weather.

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