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  • Keaundria Milloy

LEMA urges locals to prepare for Hurricane Delta

Updated: Oct 8

Director of the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency Odie Barrett, states even though the Lauderdale County area may not see as much damage as anticipated by Hurricane Delta, the area can experience some wind gusts and heavy rain.

Barrett says it’s too early in the wait to know exactly what Hurricane Delta is going to do, but it’s never too early to prepare. The Emergency Management Agency managers across the state and the National Weather Association have been meeting and monitoring the hurricane as it draws near.

“This storm is looking and predicted to kind of stay west of us and go a little north of us. So that is good for us. We shouldn’t get as much of the damaging winds and rains of our neighboring counties.”

Since the hurricane is gearing more toward the west, Barrett explains the agency has resources to send those areas that are in need.

“We can send personnel and generators if they need that. Their main deal on the coast is a lot of high water rescue vehicles, and search and rescue teams.”

Earlier this week, Hurricane Delta was coming for a direct hit for East Mississippi--now its course has drifted more west. Barrett says even though that is, locals should prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

“This is pretty close. It did have Meridian in the spotlight as far as being in the direct path. That path has now drifted west. However, this is still too early so we don’t know for sure--pinpointing where this is going to go. We have a good idea and we’re hoping its going to stay good north and west of us.”