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  • Keaundria Milloy

Local businesses prepare for upcoming holiday season amid COVID-19

As the holiday season draws near, businesses are preparing for holiday shopping in the Meridian area. Due to the pandemic, the economy has taken a major hit and they are looking to increase sales again.

“There are so many family and local owned businesses that really need our support this year. Our plan is to emphasize the small business Saturday and that takes place every year,” said East Mississippi Business Development Corporation Events Coordinator Casey Holladay.

Holladay says when you’re thinking about your Christmas list this year, to remember all the local businesses in the area.

“During quarantine, it was so simple to click that mouse and make those orders. Now that we are kind of past the worst of it--hopefully, we are really encouraging people to think about what you’re getting and to focus on those local businesses that can provide you not only the products you need, but also that hometown friendly customer service,” Holladay explained.

Laura Carmichael of Meridian Community Development says customers can expect shopping to look slightly different this year under COVID-19 circumstances.

“We have things in place to let everybody know that it will be safe to go out and support our businesses,” said Carmichael. “You may be socially distancing and wearing a mask.”

Under CDC guidelines, the City of Meridian still plans to participate in holiday activities this year.

“There’s a lot of open houses going on right now. I know everybody is getting geared up for the season,” explained Carmichael. “We’re still going to participate in the tree lighting and the Christmas parade early in December so we want it to be as a normal Christmas as we can have in the Queen City.”