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Local Congregation Gives out Thanksgiving Dinners

Today a local Pastor along with his Church Member made sure everyone had a chance to enjoy a nice hot Thanksgiving Dinner. Today New Life Independent Missionary Baptist Church held its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway where local residents came out to get free Thanksgiving Dinners.

"Today we're doing our Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway, which is an Annual thing. We do it every year and our purpose is to feed the homeless, and the hungry. We want to make sure that everyone will have dinner during this time of the year," said Pastor Paul Clayton.

Church members helped prepare the meal as well as helped the pastor giveaway plates.

"I just came to support my fellow pastor brother in the ministry. He does a wonderful thing every year with this. So i'm just here to support him," said Milton Johnson, a church member.

"This is especially true for me being a Deacon here at the church. It just means so much to be able to give back to the community. And, I mean, I'm so proud of my pastor," said Robert Holliday.


A full Thanksgiving meal was provided to residents and the Pastor shared a little of what was on the menu.

"We have on the menu turkey dressing, ham peas, corn collard greens, macaroni cheese, and dressing and cranberry sauce."

This Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway is put on every year and the pastor shares why it's something his Congregation continues to do.

"Well, you know, since we are Christian based, we are born again Christian and the bible teaches that we are to be our brothers as a people and you know, we want to feed the needy. You know, when we do this here, the Bible says when you donate to the least, you also donate to me. So we just want to be Christian and love people and make sure everyone is taken care of during this time of the season," explained the Pastor.

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