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Local Gas Station Prices Drop under $4

Gas prices have gradually hit a record high, with today’s state average being $4.42. A store in Meridian has the lowest price in town and everyone is lining up to get it.

The price of gas is $3.99 at the Country Store on State Boulevard EXT.

“Well, my son came out here and filled up and he told me about it, so I ran over here”, stated

Ginger Ezelle

Lauren Pierce travels for work and says that the high gas prices cut into her paycheck.

“I'm a home health nurse, so I go many miles a day”, said Lauren. “ If we don't have decent-priced gas to do it, it eats our paycheck.”

Since prices have constantly been rising, people did not expect them to fall under $4 any time soon.

“This is not something we expected, and it's a different outcome we see all the time with the gas prices. We are excited”, explained Roslyn Walker. “This is the only location that has this right now. So, this is why it's a little cluttered, but we are definitely excited to at least have one location that's definitely helping out.”

With inflation on almost all goods and services, Walker says this low price at the Country Store is well welcomed.

“As far as everything raising like food prices. It's good to have a necessity that we need that we can actually afford right now.”

The store clerks say that they get a gas refill every morning, but they are not sure how long prices will stay at $3.99.

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