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  • Celeste Smith

Local Meridian church to hold a balloon launch for those impacted by COVID-19

This weekend in Meridian, a local church is inviting members of the community to a solidarity balloon launch, for those whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19.

100 balloons will be launch from the parking lot of Northside Church on Great River Drive, at 10:30 am on Sunday, December 6. The balloons will be launched in the church's parking lot with scriptures tied to them, to encourage the community to stand in solidarity for victims of COVID-19. Social distancing will be enforced, and attendees will be able to release the balloons from their vehicles. Northside Church will also be giving out around 100 masks, and refreshments at the event.

“The balloons will be released for those who’ve lost loved ones, for those who are struggling with COVID, and for those who have overcome, and so standing together as a community as a people of faith, just to let folks know that they’re not alone, because so many feel as if they are,” said Rev. Gary Houston.

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