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  • Celeste Smith

Local Meridian organization to hold events for absentee voters

The Dream Team of The South will be collaborating with non-profit organizations Sunday School Live, and Black Voters Matter, both based outside of Meridian. The three organizations partnered to offer Meridian voters in need of transportation, with a free shuttle to the Lauderdale County circuit clerks office to complete an absentee ballot from 12pm-4pm on Friday, October 16.

On Saturday, October 17, from 10am-2pm in the parking lot adjacent to the Temple Theater, they will be holding a drive-through notary day, allowing voters to bring their absentee ballot they completed at home to receive a witness signature in the presence of notary.

“Not voting is still voting, if you are eligible to vote it is important that you vote, because if you say ‘well, nothing changes’, it does change, it does matter. so, i want to say to those who can, that its important that you vote,” said Pastor Allan Cole with Sunday School Live.

Here's a flyer with additional information regarding both events: